Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 15 (8 - 14 April 2013)

This is an Awesome week!!

First of all Gabriel was featured in an advertisement for an Executive Condominium called Twin Fountains on Wednesday, 10 April.
Coincidently, this very day was also his Chinese birthday and Chrystal's birthday. Grand-aunt was so sweet, came by with a small cake to celebrate his Chinese birthday.

On Sunday morning, we all woke up bright and early to get ready for Gabriel's party. He decided to put on his Thor costume for the party and we gave him his very first present...a big set of Ninjago.

And off we proceed to the party venue which is at McDonalds in East Coast Seafood Center to put up some decorations and also to ensure everything is in place.

Finally the party started, the Science theme was based on "air". See how the scientist is warming up the crowd. You can tell that she's doing a good job with all the laughter going on around the room.


Here Gabriel get to go on some fun stuffs...balancing 2 ping pong ball with hot air from a hair dryer and shooting the flame of the candle with a huge gun!

Next up, every kid gets a Mad Science tattoo for good behaviour.


More fun stuffs to follow where they created foam and their very own slime. The photo on the right are his cousins. They have all grown so big now. 

Finally, it's cake cutting time.....all the kids were wowed by the cake. The scientist gave them a pair of fragmented glasses as well so they see the candle flame in a spectrum of lights.

I'm so impressed with this cake. It's so pretty and colorful. I ordered it online from Sensational Cake The lady was very accommodating and even went the extra mile to help us looked for a good quality photo that matches his present from us. Believe it or not....the whole cake is edible. Yes, all the stars and ninjas are edible. The kids were all screaming at me to give them a piece! Overall nice looking cake and it taste good too. 


All his friends went home with a fun loaded goody bag from Mad Science.

After the party, his buddies wanted more fun. The weather was fabulous that day so we all stayed back to relax a little. Gabriel ran straight to the beach I didn't even get a chance to stop him from going into the water in his Thor costume!

We came home with a whole load of presents and told him that he can only open one present per day. 
Hee hee this way, we don't have to buy any new toys for the next few weeks.

Before he went to bed, he wrote a letter to Chrystal. Gabriel said it's a secret letter so I will respect him and not post what he had written.

 Thank you to all who attended the party and not forgetting the wonderful presents :)

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