Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back again

Is anyone missing me yet??? Hahaha...Decided to take a short break from blogging some time back. Well, I never expected it to be a whopping 5 months break!!
Hmm what have happened during these months? I would say the usual ups and downs in life in addition to work stress of course. 
Since I have not blogged for so long, let's talk only about the highs ya...let's see....hmmm the super high for these few months actually took place in September alone. 

1)  As you all know I have been designing for Scraplicious in the past and it's really sad that they have decided to take a break from the business. Really glad that I chance upon Made With Love's designer's call. I'm super excited to be accepted into the design team as I'm great fan when they were in Plaza Singapura and to think that I can work with a super duper bunch of designers......speechless!

2) Holiday in London. Such a fantastic vacation....was wishing we could have more time. There's so much to explore and soak in. The architects, history, arts scene; I'm missing it all already. Gabriel even said that he wanted to stay in London till his birthday in April. 

3) A new craft cabinet!! I can't wait to post some pictures of our new place once it's ready. 

Meantime, we are busy trying to accomplish our dailies, unpacking and stuffs. My mind and hands are itching to do some crafting but time does not permit and body is telling me I need sleep....**yawn**

I will be back in action from now on. So stay tune for more updates. 

Got to go now.... tata and thanks for reading.

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