Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 14 ( 1- 7 April 2013)

This is probably one of the least happening week. Only event to look forward to is Chrystal's (one of Gabriel's best buddy) birthday party on Sunday.

So priority on my to do buy a present for Chrystal. I know she likes Strawberry Shortcake but finding a good gift from Strawberry Shortcake locally is such a difficult task. Found something in Amazon but  they do not ship to Singapore :(

Luckily I spotted a huge Strawberry Shortcake doll in one of the toy shop the other day and I had to thank one of Gabriel's friend's mummy to help me check if the shop in Parkway Parade has it.

Gabriel thought this doll is a pinata and he was all ready to whack it..........

On Friday, I spotted some very cute kid stamps in shapes of UFO, Robots, rockets etc so picked a few for Gabriel. He had some fun stamping using my Distress Ink. 


 Friday the boys had some relaxing moments in the balcony with our little doggie, sugar. To think of it this dog of mine is 12years old!

 Making use of the good weather on Saturday morning, Gabriel read a book lying on our balcony bench.

Finally, it's Sunday...the fun day at Explorer Kids in Downtown East and this cake is so pretty. Kids these days are so fortunate...they get big parties, lots of presents and elaborate cakes to their choices.

Next week,  look out for Gabriel's party pictures!!

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