Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 11 (11 - 17 March 2013)

At the start of the week, all the mummies have decided that the kids should have some fun on Wednesday we brought them to a new place to do some fishing.


I'm surprised that Gabriel is so pro in fishing. He managed to catch quite a lot of fishes on his own and even lend a helping hand to some of his friends who are not so lucky. At the end of it all, the kids went home with catch in a mini tank. Check out his tank!


On Friday morning, when I woke up, I saw Gabriel sitting down all by himself trying to write a story for his reading session to his class on 17 April. So mummy promised him that she will bake him some yummy cake for him tonight :) 
Wow wow wow...The cakes have turn out perfect. Glad that I have not lost my baking skills!!


Saturday, the day when all his fishes has died even though we have been feeding them and putting in a pump for oxygen. Gabriel has woke up crying for the past few mornings as he sees more and more fishes dying everyday. 
To heal his sadness, his daddy promised to buy him a terrapin after his Tien Hsia performance later today. At the pet shop, his daddy decided to buy 2 terrapins instead so that they can keep each other company.
Look how happy he is with his new pets.

While he was pre-occupied with his new pets, I have found some time to work on our holiday photos. It's taking much much longer than I expected. I still have one more day at the Sea World to complete the holiday pages. I need to find more time.....


Sunday morning, I finally kept my promise to wake up early and bring him to his favourite Chee Cheong Fun store for breakfast. In the afternoon, we head over to Auntie's house to have a swim with his cousins and to celebrate Great Grandma's birthday. Great Grandma is 82 this year! :)




Grandma and Grandpa still looking good and loving....till next week!!

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