Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 10 (4-10 March 2013)

Woke up and realize that it's the 10th week of 2013....that's bad cause I have not even started on my project life for this year. I know that by the time I really do sit down and do it, I would have forgotten all those precious stuffs. So I have decided........I'm gonna write down all the amazing things Gabriel has said so far on the journal cards.

Monday: Gabriel found this game in the store room and we started playing Mastermind.....such a nostalgic game but still lots of fun. I wonder why this game did not take off as well as Monopoly or Scrabble which we have all been playing from God knows when.....still remember card games like Happy Family, Old Maid or Donkey??

Can you tell what Gabriel is trying to build here?
It's a cupcake stand which I chanced upon during lunch time and it was the last piece on sale. Such a pretty thing and I couldn't resist leaving it in the shop.
Gabriel was so excited when I opened the box. He insisted on fixing it together and helping me paint it. Not to dampen his spirits, I let him complete his first coat of paint on the stand.

This is the completed look after 3 coats of paint and one top coat to seal it in and also provides a waterproof layer. My doily puncher came into very good use. I really like the end result of this cupcake stand. Do you??

On Saturday, after his Tien Hsia class, he did his usually trip to the Lego shop in Parkway....this time he took up a big box and said mum this is so cool. Take a picture and show papa I want for my birthday present!!

Saturday night, it was back to Food Trail at the Flyer for some sinful dinner. I love the old street market ambience and this Hokkien Prawn noodles.

After a sinful dinner, it's time for walk to burn off some food. I took these pictures from my Samsung NoteII and surprisingly they all came out looking good.

 While I was busy testing out my phone camera, Gabriel wanted to look for insects or some cool stuffs in the rocks. The start of their adventures at The Flyer. 
Sunday: It's time for Hans's Birthday!! Our very first time attending a soccer party. The boys had a wild time.  

Check out these handmade goodies by Hans's mummy. I seriously have no idea how she manage to do these all by herself without a helper and still looking fresh at the party!! I know I will be out flat if I'm the one.


Highlights of the birthday must be this live bat that they spotted hanging on the fence and the beautiful 3D cake.

I would have thought that Gabriel will be tired after a few hours of soccer. Hmmm I guess he has more energy than an energizer battery. 
This boy took a shower and can't wait to open is goodies bag from Hans party. He had a good time painting this car. Didn't turn out as bad as I thought it will be. Guess he took on some of my artsy genes :)

 At night, I finally sat down to try and complete our photos from the Gold Coast trip. Here's some sneak peeks.

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