Thursday, December 20, 2012

Busy busy period when Christmas is just round the corner....quite finish with my "To Do' List so here's the update on the 4th day of our Gold Coast Holiday.

Hmmm the 4th day was a pleasant surprise for all of us...we never expect to be so in touch with nature. So here's what we did.....Fed pelicans, Caught a crab, pumped for yabbies, visited an oyster and bee farm.

Enjoy our happy pictures below:

We went out on this boat for our exciting activities

So many pelicans! All waiting to be fed.

Here goes the fishes into the huge mouth of the Pelicans.

Then we went into the shallow muddy waters to pump for yabbies. 

Wondering what is yabbies?? This is how it looks like. 

This brave little boy held a crab which they pull up from the river.

Can you guess what are they are? Yes! Lots of oysters stuck to the pole.

Next we arrived in a Bee Farm. Try locating the Queen bee!

It was really educating see everything in action and we have learnt so much 
about the goodness of honey.

Best part of the Bee tasting for all the different flavours, 
Gabriel had lots of honey that day. His favourite is still the original flavour. Yummilicious!

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