Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 5

Spent the final day of our Gold Coast holiday in Sea World. It was Gabriel's lucky day...he got into the water with the dolphins.

Snapshot from the sea lion show

Can you tell what's in the water? If you have guess sting ray then you are right!
There's also manta ray in the pool. We stayed in this pool area for quite some time.

Mummy star fish is hard and rough....

This is not a huge's sea cucumber. Soft and spongy.

We spotted a big shark in the aquarium. 
Too bad the environment were not condusive for photography.

What's Sea World without the dolphin show. 

Awww...this polar bear is so sound this picture alot. 
I think it's a postcard picture.

This is their parade. Can you spot Spongebob Square Pants? 
He's very popular in Australia.

A mother's love..
Another one of my favourite picture taken in the penguin enclosure. 

 Some fun in Dinosaur Discovery Centre

 This is the most exciting moment of the day.....waiting for his time with dolphin

Here we go....I wish I have the chance to be in the water with the dolphin too.

Most memorable photo at 5! 

Before we head back home the next day....some fun in Surfer's Paradise 

Bye Gold Coast....

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