Monday, December 3, 2012

Well well well....apologize that I have stopped blogging after Day 2 of our trip.

I have been busy scrapping for a good help raise funds for a poor dog which my sister had rescued. For more information, visit and look out for Scotty.
I have extend a great thanks to Loving Pets along East Coast road for allowing us to put the handmade stuffs for sale without any additional charges.

Guess when you are trying to spread some kindness, God will lend you a hand.

Anyway, back to Day 3 in Dream World. It was a great eye opener.....never did we expect to have close encounter with wallabies, cuddle Koala bear, ran my fingers on a snake, watched sheep shearing and touched a real tiger! Yes. Touched a real tiger who is 8 months old.

Enjoy the pictures....

In dreamworld, I found a shop of treasures that's full of pretty stuffs. Love all the angels and fairies in the shop. Can't bring all of them home but couldn't resist all the pretty stuffs. So I took some pictures for my own keepsake.

After dream World, we went to Q1 and enjoyed a 360 degrees view of Gold Coast!

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