Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Card for Canvas Corp Brand

Hi hi back here again to share a Valentine's Day card which I have created for Canvas Corp Brand crew challenge....yes :) I'm proud to be part of their creative team!

This Valentine's Day card I have created deviates from the usual hearts, pink or soft looks. I wanted it to be a meaningful card. So it's base on a Nautica theme as we both love going for beach holidays, lots of lovely memories lazing on the beautiful white sand and crystal clear water :) In addition, the seashells were picked by our boy when we head down to the beach on weekends.

Check out this link for more details on the challenge. You may just win yourself a 50 dollars gift card!

I have used the following supplies from Canvas Corp Brand:

1) Value Pack Greeting Cards - Kraft (50 cards/env)

2) Royal Blue and White Stripe pattern paper

3) Natural Burlap fabric

4) Cling Stamp CVC Be Beautiful

5) High Impact Pigment White Paint

Rest of the materials from my own stash
6) Medical Gauze
7) Ivory String
8) Seashells

Simple tools are required to create this card:
1) Paint Brush for painting the the background underneath the medical gauze and also on the burlap fabric.
2) Paper Distresser to distress the sides of the blue and white paper
3) Quilling Tool to quill scraps of blue paper and roll them up to compliment the seashells.
4) Acrylic Block for stamping the LOVE word
5) Adhesives

That's all I have to share on this simple Nautica theme Valentine's Day card. Hope it's has given some inspiration!

Happy Valentine's Day in advance!


Chana Malkah said...

I love the use of non-traditional colors. The nautical feel is refreshing and unexpected. Nice work!
Chana Malkah

beth b said...

Beautiful! Love the color!

Unknown said...

Hello Priscila :D I loved your card!!!

Unknown said...

Hi ladies, BIG THANK YOU for popping by my blog and leaving me some lovely comments. Love you gals! :)