Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mixed Media Canvas - My Heart Belongs To You, My Prince Charming

Hi everyone,

Back today to share some inspiration for Valentine's Day with SaCrafters lovely sentiments tags.......

So instead of making a card, I have created a 6"x 8" canvas. So it doubles up as a display or home decor piece as well.

Thoughts were given when creating this piece. No pink cause it's for a guy, white flowers to signify pure love blooming, beads, to hold us together, sequins to alwayd have some sparkles in the relationship :)

I have a video tutorial here on the whole process of creating this canvas.

As usual, here are some close up shots of the canvas.

Hope I have given some good ideas to work on your piece to a special someone. You still have 9 days there's still time. 

You may click on this link to order the sentiment tags. Do remember to apply the 10% discount code before you check out. Discount code: priscillafans

Thank you for popping by!


Genevive said...

just so happy i now have time to visit blogs! and actually leave a comment :)

this is so pretty! and i love white. and yellow.... thumbs up Pris! :)

Priscilla Lim said...

Wow Gen, envy envy and so honoured to have you visiting my blog!! :)

Thanks for the thumbs up. Makes my day!