Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teacher's Day

It's time of the year again to thank the teachers who has played a big part in shaping the little minds and preparing them for a great future!!

For the patience and guidance that the teachers have shown to our kids, the teachers definitely deserve special gifts!

As a scrapper/crafter, we standby the belief of handmade stuffs. Correct? So I made notebooks for his 3 main teachers, English, Chinese and Maths. I'm sure all teachers need to take notes and I hope these notebooks will somewhat perk them up when they had to go for meetings after a long tiring day.

So there I go shopping for materials and thank GOD there's Daiso where everything is SGD$2!! Got this notepad from there. As for the chipboards on the right, you can easily get them from a craft store or a scrapbook store. I usually get my stuffs from Art Friend or a local scrapbook store - Made With Love.

Before I start working on the chipboard covers, I have prep them with a white card stock. I love churning out my very own background from a piece of white cardstock....like a butterfly...you watch it grow from a something ordinary to very pretty stuffs...except on paper the process is much faster...I don't have to go through the butterfly life cycle hahaha :)

 Some close up shots to show the half completed covers and also the textures on the notebooks


Lots of fun with my Prima mediums....Bloom Sprays, texture paste, stamps, chalk inks and many more.

So now the job is passed on to Gabriel on choosing the notebooks for each teacher and writing his Thank You message on a tag!

By the way, I'm gonna post a simple tutorial on the 2nd notebook soon so stay tune :)

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