Saturday, September 20, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 26

Loads of photos this week as it's the school holiday so it has spilt over to 3 pages..

Some interesting activities....

1) A visit to Haw Par Villa. This park is filled with statues of Chinese legends and history. The best known attraction in this park....10 courts of Hell! Check out this link to know more about this park which is probably the oldest in Singapore since it was build in 1937.

2) What about some fun photography? Alive Museum was fun! This 3D museum (originates from Korea) is filled with 3D paintings that creates illusions. Everything was well planned out. There is a sample photo and instructions for every painting and each one of them has a photo point. Can't go wrong even for a camera dummy :) In addition, the museum has WIFI access so you can instantly post the fun photos. Definitely tourist friendly on this.

3) Transformer movie! Every boy I know looks forward to a Transformer Movie. More so for Gabriel cause this time it has Dinobots. Yes he's still crazy over dinosaur. Check out the picture below where he's trying to stuff his Skylander into his Roboraptor. I had to run and pick up my camera to catch this moment!

I had fun with colors working on these 3 pages. Supplies for these 3 pages mainly from Studio Calico, Elle Studio, Freckled Fawn, Simple Stories and MAMBI.

Thanks for looking.

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