Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 - Week 18 - 22

I'm gonna do a quick update to highlights our moments for the pas few weeks. Will try to make this as short as possible.

Week 18
We started to have a spidey in the house climbing up all the door frames and posing for pictures....seriously inspired by Spiderman movie! 


Week 19
A trip back to Malacca to celebrate Ye Ye's birthday and a great time with his cousins. I think the kids had more fun over dinner playing with the Karaoke system than the adults. Let's hope the cousins can come over to Singapore and have some fun during the June holidays :)

Week 20
The little one is practising hard for his wushu test....he's looking forward to pass the test so that he can go on the next phase to train with weapons!!

Here's a short clip of his moves :)

Week 21 - Quite a few happenings this week.
We went to catch a movie (X-Men Days of Future Past) in D-Box for a whole new movie experience. Curious to find out what is D-Box? Check out this link

These pretty creatures have been sighted in many places and this little one flew into our house so I went to googled about them.

Also known as Lyssa zampa, this is a species that can be found throughout Southeast Asia and visits Singapore between May and July each year.
Despite being an annual occurrence, some years see many more visitors than others.
2014 seems to be a particularly good year for the swallowtail, with several sightings reported around Singapore.
They are one of the largest moths found in Singapore, with wingspans averaging between 10 to 16 cm.
While they tend to fly around at night, they usually remain still during the day hidden by camouflage, unless disturbed.

Week 22
Gabriel bought his very first pair of shoes with shoelaces and daddy is giving him instructions how to make 2 bunny ears, put one over the other and pull. Still need lots of practise.

Last night we went for dinner at The Flyer and as usual stayed around the area after dinner to enjoy the beautiful view of Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands. I took these pictures of The Flyer cause I love how it changes colors. You will never feel tired staring at the pretty colors.

So all this while when I'm updating my blog Gabriel has been busy painting his train station! Thank you Po Po and Gong Gong for this present. 

Phew...Think I broke my own record!! That was a really fast update for the last few weeks. 
Meantime, I need to go rest early and hopefully my cough and blocked nose will go away soon. Ta Ta.

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