Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 - Week 16

This is a BIG week for the family cause our little prince is celebrating his birthday. This year, we have decided to do away with a birthday party.
Thus to still make it a special day, we will be creating a present hunt in the morning followed by a trip to Adventure Cove.

So while he was asleep, I had to stay up late to hide his presents and do up his clue cards. Since he is turning 7 this year, I have prepared 7 clue cards for him to locate all his presents.

On his birthday morning, he woke up all excited for the present hunt.....he didn't even bother to change out of his pyjamas! Check out some fun moments here. Oh I did something extra for him. I took photos of his presents and pasted it on the back of the cards so he knows what he is looking for.

Thank you Aunt Rachael, Aunt Phoebe, Grandpa, Grandma, Grandaunt, Auntie Michelle and Auntie Susan for his presents. 

Up next a fun afternoon in Adventure Cove! We rented a cabana (which is a swell idea) near the wave pool so that we can easily take breaks when we get tired. Gabriel had so much fun and was reluctant to leave even though we have already been there for more than 6 hours!!

What is a birthday celebration without a cake right? So when we finally settled down for the day, we sang him a birthday song and had some yummy butter cream chocolate cake. has been a long day...glad that he has enjoyed himself so much. I find that spending his birthday this way is so much more meaningful than having a party.

Gotta thing of interesting activities for his birthday next year. Oh Gabriel has already requested to have 8 clue cards next year!

Before I end, amazing fact this week - Gabriel wrote this with a chinese calligraphy brush in school. I thought he did pretty good for a 7yrs old ;) What do you think?

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