Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 - Week 13 & 14

Haven't been able to find time to update my blog these past 2 weeks. So here's a quick update on what's happening...

Week 13

Quiet week with not much excitement except on Friday when we usually wind down. We went to the i Light show in Marina Bay Sands. It was a show for sustainable lights or intelligent use of lights. Didn't really get a chance to walk the whole thing as we decided to hang around the Esplanade area and we were also on our way to dinner.

Check out this light display....from afar they just look like normal light decors. But refer to the 2nd photo, they are made with the regular mineral water bottles and it's so pretty.

After dinner, we stayed on at the esplanade enjoying some music at the outdoor arena whilst admiring the night view of Singapore. Pardon me on the quality of these photos as they were taken from my mobile phone.

Week 14
According to the Lunar Calendar, 31 March - Monday was Gabriel's Chinese birthday. I totally forgot about it. It was Grand Aunt who came by to drop him a mini birthday cake.

The next day at school, literally on April Fools Day, he had a fall in school while running along the corridor. See our macho boy here with the bandages. I was expecting him to give me a hard time, screaming in the shower as I know it will be painful. But this brave boy did not even make a single sound. So brave huh :)

Before I end Week 14, the happiest person this week may be ME! And why is that so? Well well because my  scrapbook pieces have been featured in an online publication - Life.Paper.Scrapbook!

This is the link if you want to check out the magazine

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