Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 - Week 12

This week the school is having a one week break and we decided to take leave on Thursday and Friday to accompany Gabriel. Didn't do anything much except we went to 2 nostalgic eateries which I wanna share with you all.

~~~~ FIRST STOP ~~~~

Sinpopo - A very local chinese restaurant along Joo Chiat Road (walking distance from 112 Katong Mall). The menu comes in an attendance register which is the exact same copy when my teacher use to take attendance back in Primary School!


 The drink menu has localise to Milo "Peng", Teh "Peng" etc and they come in metal mugs :)

As I was flipping through the menu, I spotted a dessert that reminds me of the sound "ling ling ling". Those were the days when ice cream man peddle around the HDB flats ringing their bell; getting all the kids excited. Yes yes...when we hear "ling ling ling" we will ask mum for money to buy ice cream with bread. 

I think our kids finds it ridiculous/weird to eat bread with ice cream. But I was like....Oh my gosh! Rainbow bread!!

About the food and drinks, it was nothing to hype about but we were totally absorbed by the ambience. Chinese songs from the good old 70s were playing in the background and it brings back lots of memories.....still remember those days when you could bring your own egg when buying carrot cake so the stall holder charge you lesser? I do :) ...and I truly miss my grandma and her regular treats of Sarsi soda and Kaka snacks.


~~~~ SECOND STOP ~~~~

The Coastal Settlement. Another nostalgic restaurant near Changi Village @ 200 Netheravon Road. This is a western restaurant and the 70's and 80's music from the Beach Boys, The Platters etc were their background music. This is not our first visit but we really like this place. It's away from the hustle and bustle and everything feels more relax and at a slower pace.
This visit, we found out that they have a free flow of  flower biscuits which I love as a kid...all nicely pack for customers who walked in. Can't tell you how many packets I had when we were there or I will be ban!


After lunch, we switched our seats to a relax corner and did some good reading. So while we read, Gabriel and our helper had fun playing around with the stuffs; finding out how things work back then when computers and ipad are unheard of :)


When the 2 of them disappeared for some time, I went out to find them doing this....this must be how flintstone played his "board game".

Leaving The Coastal Settlment, we drove on to Changi beach. Gabriel had a chance to expense all his energy chasing after pigeons, counting planes and picking up sea shells.


So before I end this post of the week....amazing facts about Gabriel.
He suddenly decided that he wanted a pet. So daddy said to him....if you can take care of our dog for one whole week, I will consider. 
Gabriel gladly took up the challenge. He has been making great effort to feed the dog and change the newspapers whenever they are soiled and even scrub the area! See how happy he is doing all these chores :)

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