Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lion Dance by Gabriel

Stepping into the 2nd week of Chinese New Year and Gabriel is still fanatic over lion and dragon dance and has repeatedly asked for a lion dance costume for kids.

It doesn't help when his craze for lion dance was fueled by the the move "The Lion Men".

So our mission today was to looked for his lion dance costume. Scouted around marine parade central and we didn't spot any. Was thinking that Gabriel will be so disappointed but luckily he reminded us that he has seen the lion dance in a shop near our house.

Made a trip to the shop but all the chinese new year decors were gone. We approached a nice uncle in the shop to check if they still have the stock stashed some where. Fingers and toes crossed when we were trying out luck! Thank GOD he said he had 2 left in his store room. 
Yea to all our efforts!

Click on the link below to check out our little professional chinese lion!! He went around blessing the rooms and even peeled an orange! ENJOY!! :)

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