Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 - Week 8

Stepping into the 3rd week of February...well Gabriel is starting to feel the stress of school work.

This mummy is also on busy schedule to sit with him for his spelling and and schoolwork in the evenings.English spelling is always easy peasy as Pat's Schoolhouse has given him a very solid's the Han Yu Pin Yin that he needs more practice on.

So here's what happens when we are both feeling tired and frustrated after a long day...mummy raising her voice at him to focus and he's not being very cooperative and starts to cry. Sigh... I think it's going to be a regular scene from now on. I totally do not like afternoon session, as it leaves us with only a short window period in the night before he has to go to bed. Can't wait for P3 when the school moves back to the original site and becomes a single session.

On Friday evening, we had a great time at Changi Beach. A walk down the windy beach was what we needed to refresh and breathe!! Great job to darling hubby who drove us to the beach. Gabriel had a great time in the playground followed by some yummy hawker food - chicken wings, sambal sting ray, satay, chicken rice, goreng pisang.....sinful but delicious!

Capture this scene on the bridge when we were walking to the hawker centre from changi beach. 
Such awesome view is a rare find in Singapore. I wonder how long these boats are allowed to dock here before they are told to move way for modern structure. Well at least I now have this photo to reminisce the old charm of Singapore when this place is no longer around.

Before I end my post, let's have some fun.....this picture somehow reminds me of a Stephen Chow movie "Shaolin Football" Lol. What about you??

So that's all folks! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

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