Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 13 (25 - 31 March 2013)

Yeah this week is a short week. Thanks to Good Friday holiday!! :)

At the age of 5, Gabriel is already having Monday blues......he woke up and said he his tummy is aching and he can't go to school. I think it was too much fun he had at his classmate's party. But guess what he gave me a very baby look and my heart softens and said alright you can stay at home today. 

As expected when I got home after work, he was all smiles and happy. Think I made his evening when he saw the print out on his Lego Ninjago banner which I'm making for his birthday :)

Woke up on Wednesday morning and I found him still in his pyjamas reading his Avengers book - a gift from Leah's party. He said he like superhero books. So I have decided to contact his friends who are crazy over superheros as well to start a book exchange programme. Hopefully the exchange program will last.

Friday was lovely. Sis brought him to a Easter Party which gave me time to do some scrapping. He came back with a pencil case (in a shape of a car) that he absolutely love. 

In the evening, hubby and me had some "us" time. We went for Kumar Show - What Makes a Man a Man (which was seriously not as good as we expected). After which we went for some finger food and a short walk along the bay. The bay view is captivating. I must say Singapore's skyline is looking better each day although getting too crowded for my liking. Took these pictures from my new Samsung Note II. Wished I had my Canon camera with me for this beautiful view.

On the weekend, we paid a visit to Gardens by the Bay to check out this new eating place - Satay by the Bay and also check out the decorations in the Flower Dome.

On the way to Satay by the Bay, Gabriel spotted a lizard. We stayed for a while to let him have some nature fun.

A little review about this place....I like the outdoor feel and the cute little chairs and tables on the wooden deck which are so child friendly. Food wise was quite disappointing. Satay was not that fantastic, pizza wasn't really cook well and Gabriel commented that the fried rice he had has no taste. 
The best dish of the evening was probably the fried carrot cake with bacon. If you are there, try this dish. It's really quite yummy.


Here's some pretty pictures of the Flower Dome on Easter theme. 


That's all for this week. Bye for now!

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