Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 5 (28 Jan - 3 Feb 2013)

Hello everyone :) How did your week go? Hope that it has been a fun-filled one.

Can't believe that Chinese New Year is just round the corner.

Hubby and myself finally managed to find some New Year clothes. Don't really understand why it's so difficult to find something suitable. For me, either the clothes are getting younger or I'm getting older and can't I catch up with fashion anymore. Anyway, always trust Marks & Spencer to come up with decent clothes.

To start the fun weekend rolling, Gabriel had a mini gathering with all his buddies on Friday evening. While the kids had a wild time, all the mummies let their hair down and had a good chit chat session. Check out the photos below. We got all the silly kids to squeeze into a photo booth and Gabriel had a good time pretending to be an engineer.

On Saturday, Gabriel came back with his chinese spelling test results. Finally I can see him writing some decent chinese characters. So proud that he did such an excellent job.

Sunday was a fun day for Gabriel. He had his favourite Fried Calamari, played with dinosaurs and wired robots. 
In the evening he was caught playing with water and the cheeky fellow immediately said that he was doing a little "experiment" in the basin and asked me to take of photo of his awesome experiment. 



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