Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Inspiration

While we are busy buzzing around getting ready for Chinese New Year, don't forget that Valentine's Day is also just around the corner.

Here's some pretty Valentine's Day cards and a layout to remind us of special moments.

Meanwhile, with Christmas that has just passed and Chinese New Year coming our way, I'm sure many of us have come to handle many carton boxes. Do not under estimate these plain looking boxes.

In the spirit of "scrapping" I literally scrapped a piece of cardboard which I tore out from one of the boxes. This is really what I love about scrapping. You can practically take something that look so ordinary; scrap it and make it into a beautiful piece of work.

I have one of the pieces hanging in my door way to inspire and perk me up every morning before I leave the house.

For those who would like to try it out (and have some fun with all your inks):
1) Get a piece of cardboard from any carton boxes. Any size of your liking.
2) Then tear of the first layer of the cardboard so that the corrugated design in the mid section shows up. Just tear around the sides as you will still need a proper backing for my decorations.
3) When the tearing is done, use all the different types of inks you have and mix them up together to have some fun. Don't worry about being creative...actually you should be more daring and be amazed at how the ink can create such different effects.
4) Once you are satisfied with the effect, just decorate and it's done.
I have attached pictures showing the materials and inks I have used for each cardboard.

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