Monday, November 26, 2012

We are back from fabulous Gold Coast. We have never expected this trip to be so in touch with nature.

I'm so excited to share the photos of our memorable trip. Can't wait to get my hands on Project Life as well.

So here goes...DAY 1

We landed in Brisbane; went on a coach to take a ferry to Tangalooma Wild Dolphine Island

When we reached there we were greeted by beautiful seagulls and Pelicans at the Jetty. Check out this fierce one. I think it is trying to bite the head off the other one.

Checked into the resort; had our lunch and was off to safari experience. It was a whole lot of fine sand all around.

Here's the guys trying to take a nice photo without squinting their eyes under the scorching sun. 
See that slope in the back? We are suppose to climb up and do a sand slide.

So here's me giving sand slide a was really fun except of the climbing which was really tiring. Every step you climb you take half a step back as the sand slides under your feet. I actually went down the slope twice and left the safari with loads of sand on me.

After a hot day under the sun, it's time for some ice cream and cold drink to cool down. Gabriel chose this rainbow ice cream which I thought was a combination of all different flavours and the taste will be really weird. As it turn out, it was actually Vanilla ice cream with colorings. It one of the better vanilla ice cream I have ever tasted....of course with loads of colorings.

In the night, we were excitedly looking forward to wild dolphin feeding. Check out the guys below getting the fishes from the pail; ready to get up close to the dolphins and hand feed them. Gabriel was so looking forward to the moment as he kept asking throughout the day if we were feeding the dolphins soon.

This wild dolphin is Tinkerbell. She's a mummy dolphin and has given birth to 3 baby dolphins that will also come to shore every evenings for feedings.  

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