Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Had a fun-filled Sunday in Legoland Malaysia yesterday. It was a great outing with 2 other families who are Gabriel's buddies in school.

Alrighty some reviews about the trip.....

Let's talk about the "down side"

First of all the sun was scorching hot! We were all sun burned .There were so little shade and seats around. They need to have fans with mister around the park.

Eateries seatings were definitely not enough. Everywhere was crowded and messy when we were looking for a place to have lunch. In the end, we decided to walked back to the mall and had Thai food in peace. I'm not sure about you but I hate to have people standing around; waiting for my table while I eat.

There are quite a few playgrounds in Legoland with different themes. Some of the playgrounds were not sheltered. Didn't the park designer know that we are very near to the equator and it's HOT 365 days a year?? 

About the rides, I thought many of the rides for more for older kids like 7 year old. So if you have kids between 3 - 6, they will mostly end up in playground, kiddy train ride or bumper cars. My poor hubby and son queued nearly an hour for the water ride in Dino land and in the end they were informed it's for 6 yrs old and above.

If you are thinking of buying Lego sets in ringgit there would be cheaper, then you are wrong. It's the same price as in Singapore and actually it might be cheaper locally if there's any sale going on.

Now the "Up side"

Just like the Lego blocks, everything was super colorful in the park. Taking photos was a breeze with all the rainbow colors around us.

Chartering a private transport for the 3 families was a really good idea. We could cut off all the jam at causeway by taking the bus lane. Only wish is that the mini bus was more spacious.

Lastly, all the kids had a really good time. That's the most important thing of all isn't it?

Below are some happy photos; as usual you don"t see me cause I'm busy taking photos :)

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