Monday, December 1, 2008

What a tiring first day....first of all I was up till late last night preparing for school and worrying how Gabriel is going to adapt to the change.

I must say he that he was a really good boy for 1st half of the day. 

We brought him to school at about 8am and I sneaked out for breakfast at about 10plus while he was at the play area. He did not cry the whole time when I was away. 

Since he was such a good boy, I went home to take his bedsheet for his nap time but when I went back to the centre, he was lying asleep in the arms of the principal. 

I was told that he suddenly had an outburst and no one could pacify him so the principal had to step in. He fell asleep in the principal's arms when she patted and hummed to him in order to calm him down. 

I told the principle that he normally takes nap about 12pm. That's when they understand that his outburst was because he was really tired.

Anyway, with the bedsheet, we lay him down to sleep on his bed and tried to change his diaper which he was wearing since morning. But that was a very bad idea. We woke him up when we tried to change him.

So now he sees mummy and started crying again. I took him in my arms and try to pat him back to sleep it did not work. 

He took a power nap and was wide awake already. But by now all the other children were asleep and the teacher was patting one child. So Gabriel went around disturbing the other children, patting them, mimicking what the teacher was doing. That was really cute. 

By now, it seems like such a long day has gone passed but it was only about 1pm....only half a day has gone by!! I need to try and sneak away again so that he can join in the activities ,communicate and be comfortable with the teacher sooner. This time, he caught me sneaking out and started crying. I have to be a little hard hearted and left him there crying his heart out. Oh that was not a good feeling at all. If I stayed on I would have cried together with him.

Went back to fetch him at about 5plus....the teacher was carrying him. Gabriel's eyes were red and started crying again when he saw me. 

According to the teacher, he actually went back to sleep for about 2 hours and when he woke up he did not allow anyone to touch him or his bed. Once the teacher move him off his bed he started crying. 

I went to the classroom to take his school bag and there was his bed lying in the middle of the classsroom. Gabriel stopped me as well when I tried to fold up his bedsheet and keep his bed. I guess the bed is his security thingy.

Other all the above, throughout the day he was quite ok. The principal advised that I should stay for the 2nd half of the day tomorrow and the day after since he 's so cranky close to noon time when he's tired.

Oh....I must say that I was impressed that there was actually 3 teachers in the toddler's class for only 9 children. The teachers had good control of the situation even though there was 2 new kids in class today.  

Gabriel seems to have grown to like the chinese teacher, Ms Song better. 

Anyway, he was praised by the teachers and principal for doing very well considering it's only his first day.

I'm very proud of him too :)

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