Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gabriel's 2nd day in school today.

Fetch him to school at about 7.30 and stayed there for about 10-15mins before rushing off to work.

I can tell he really likes the play area. One of the teacher helped me to distract him while I sneak off to work.

On the way to the office, I called the school to check on him and the principal said that he was wonderful...did not cry at all.

During lunch time, daddy went for a visit. But Gabriel was already sleeping. The principle said that he was doing really well until he was tired at about 11plus....so they made milk for him and he fell asleep soon after.

When I reached there at about 2plus....was having a fun time in the play area and did not cry at all. I stayed and peep at him through the magazine rack for about 30mins and left home to change and rest.

Went back to fetch Gabriel at about 5.30. Gabriel's eyes were red. Teacher said that he saw other kid's parents came to pick them up he started pouting and sob quietly. He did not cry out loud. So teacher pick him up and soothe him before he starts crying out loud.

He did not take lunch today although it was his favourite chicken rice. He came back home crying and screaming when we tried to feed him his dinner and asked for milk instead. I was surprise that even after drinking a whole bottle of milk, he still ate his dinner, after that some cake and biscuits. My poor baby must be so hungry.

Gabriel went to bed earlier than usual today. He must be exhausted.....

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