Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yeah! Gabriel knows his alphabets

Gabriel has been attending ShiChiDa class for 8 weeks now. The ShiChiDa method emphasizes on right brain development. Flashing cards at high speed is one way of developing the right brain.

I have started home revision with him every morning since Monday. Flashing dots, alphabets and opposites card at high speed.

It took a great part of me to wake up early and finsh the revision with him before rushing off to work.

This efforts have paid off. I tested Gabriel on his alphabets, asking him to:
- choose "O" between "O" and "P" cards.
- choose "M" between "M" and "N" cards
- choose "Z" between "Y" and "Z" cards
To my surprise, he chose all the correct cards!!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too pushy to my boy; expecting him learn stuffs which majority would think that it's not within his abilities.

What Gabriel has shown me this morning has amazed me and lead me to think otherwise. He was so happy and flashed me the sweetest smile on earth when I praised him and gave him a big hug for giving me all the correct answers.

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