Thursday, November 20, 2014

SG50 Baby Scrapbook Album and Multi Photo Frame

Hello mummies and daddies,

First of all congrats on your new born!! 

Babies are such a joy; angels sent from heaven that offers unexplainable happiness to all mummies and daddies......While parenting journey can be overwhelming with the great responsibility; changes in lifestyle and sacrifices; these are just little challenges along the way compare to a rewarding experience and wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime! So congratulations again on the new addition to your family :) 

So 2015 is a big celebration for Singapore and of course your baby. Yay!! to SG 50 and you have probably received or will be receiving your nice baby package from Singapore!

In the package, you will find these yummy scrapbook album and frame that all new born parents will be getting, I'm so so jealous. Such great items for documenting precious memories. For those who are going to be parents later in the year, below are the pictures of what you will be getting.

For parents new to scrapbooking, don't fret and stress over how you are going to start on the album or frame. Just let your creativity show. Remember.....NO ONE will be able to scrap the picture better than you do. You were the photographer that capture the moment. So you know what story you want to tell or document for each picture. The "feel" will come to you once you start on it.

So to help parents that are new to the scrapbooking world, I have done up some samples to warm up your creativity. I have kept in mind that most will probably be scrapping for the first time, hence my sample are base on nice, clean and simple concept.

Most of the embellishments used in the following pictures you see below are already included in the scrap album. For additional items used, they are actually pretty stuffs that I have picked up from the local scrapbook store (die cuts, stickers and stamps) or things you can find around the house. For example, strings and buttons and even ribbons. You can even recycle gift tags from hampers and presents you have received :)

For those who are more adventurous in their creativity, you know you can do alot with these scrapbook items and frame.

Ready????  Go ahead and scroll down for some inspirations........

From the pictures above, you can see that I have used mostly stickers. So yes, you do not have to have lots of different things to make your pages look good. However, I wanted more depth on the pages, hence I have used mounting tape to raise up some of the stickers to give it more dimension (pop up effect). Other than that, there is no hidden magic.

Next up is the photo frame.
You can either use this as your family photo frame or just for your baby. The sample frame which I have created below are again using simple embellishments which you should be able to connect with....STICKERS! You can find loads of pretty stickers in the local scrapbook store. From puffy ones to glitter, to layered stickers or just the usual flat ones.

Take a trip down to a scrapbook store when you are ready to work on this photo frame, you will be amaze and spoilt for choice. Feel free to seek advise with the friendly ladies in the scrapbook store when lost....... sounds funny when I said you will get lost but you will know what I mean when you walk in :)

Here are some close up photos on how I layer the stickers or give it a pop up effect with double-sided mounting tape.

Hope the pictures above will help you to get started. I personally started scrapbooking when I gave birth to my boy 7 years ago. With the convenience of modern phone; I was snapping away the whole time. (Philippe Kahn, thank you for your awesome invention) I know that I wanted to do more with the precious moments captured. Hence, I googled and chance upon scrapbooking. I have never looked back beware. Scrapbooking can be addictive! Hahaha.

Before I end, here's a picture taken when I was at Made With Love - the Scrapbook store that I'm designing's also the store which got me started on scrapbooking. This is only a tiny weeny section of all the delicious goodness you can use on your scrap album or photo frame. Wow right??

These are the stickers and die cuts I have used on the photo frame. You can see that a single sheet or pack of stickers can go a long way. So it does not necessary mean that scrapbooking has to be expensive. Some of my favourite brands are Simple Stories, Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI), Kaisercraft, Freckled Fawn and October Afternoon.

Thank you for visiting my blog to get some inspirations and do feel free to browse around; especially the Project Life and Scrap Album tab. You will be able to see more scrapbooking options and techniques :)

Great job to the team of people from the National Population and Talent Division! Selwyn and Faye, you guys rock at getting all these organized so all the mummies and daddies out there can have a fantastic time documenting life with their little miracles!!! I know there are many more to the team but sorry I didn't get to catch your name :(

Do remember to visit the other designer, Jaz Lee's blog for more ideas on the SG50 scrapbook album and frame

Have loads of fun as parents...and as Winnie The Pooh says......
so true....

I will check back regularly, so do feel free to leave any comments or questions.


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