Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 - Week 25

Mid week, I had a meeting in Marina Bay Sands but the carpark was full due to an exhibition. This is what I dislike about Marina Bay Sands. They never seem to have enough parking lots which is so frustrating. For a huge building as Marina Bay Sands, their carpark scores a BIG THUMBS DOWN.

So "moi" ended up having to park across from MBS and walked the Helix bridge under the super hot sun in heels to MBS! So glad that I was wearing a super comfy pair of heels. Thank you Clarks.....You don't have super beautiful range of shoes but they do provide excellent comfort.

While walking on the Helix bridge, it suddenly just dawned on me that since I can't get out of this horrible walk; I might as well make the best out of it!
As a scrapper, we all love to take photos and capture the moment right? So I paused to take some photos along the way! By the time I reached MBS I was a happy girl with beautiful photos.
You see? It has always been our own choice to decide on our mood in every situation. Do you want to be negative or stay positive? Upset or happy? Angry or have peace within?
Happiness is definitely a choice!

During the week, we had relatives in town. This time there was a VIP in town...his little cousin Jia Xin. Gabriel took care of his cousin so well, we were all impressed by his brotherly nature. Check out the photos below; see how he never let's her hand go :)
**These photos were taken in Gardens by The Bay in Children's Play Area.

Till the next meeting dear cousin!

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