Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Watercolor paper or Cardstock

Recently, I have been doing a series of cards and suddenly it dawn on me that "Hey I can also apply the same concept to personalizee my title card on my project life pages".

Then comes the big question.......do I have to use watercolor paper to have some fun with watercoloring?

With watercoloring pencils and a very soft brush. I have made the same card on both a cardstock (left of picture) and watercoloring paper (right of picture).

I have posted the picture as an X-Large file so that you can get a close up. The cardstock from American Craft Smooth Cardstock did not fray from the wetness and  abrasion of the paint brush.

Both gave a soft effect as water coloring should be. So it's just a matter of preference on the finished look.

Hope I have answered some doubts.

Sorry I posted this on my DIY section. Still thinking if I should add on a FAQ tab so any future comparison :)

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