Sunday, June 15, 2014

Travelling Journal

During my Bali holiday, I brought along a notebook and some crafting materials. Wasn't sure if I will have anytime for crafting and I didn't want to add too much weight to our luggage as well. So I brought very limited supplies. 
Was glad that I did it cause I did have some time to doodle and play around with my craft supplies. So that;s a start of my travel journal....inspired by things I chance upon during the trip. 
Here are some's a really swell idea. If you are planning a holiday soon, do consider the idea of a travel journal :)


Jelissa Mei said...

we have the same box of colour pencils!!! Really admire how you can find time for art on a vacation, and a travel journal is such a great idea!

Priscilla Lim said...

Haha have to share supplies with kids. Can't afford to let kids play with Derwent. I actually have minimal time to craft. I just grab some time when they are having fun in the pool or when kids are asleep. I even bring the art journal and color pencils on board the plane to doodle a little!