Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 - Week 15

This week, we went on a cultural excursion! I would also like to take this chance to recommend 2 eateries that we visited.

Friday - Arab Street
Initial plan was to check out Haji Lane, but by the time we waited for Gabriel to come back from school it was too late but we still went ahead to Arab Street. The place was crowded by the time we get there but lucky for us we found a parking spot on our 2nd round.
Took a walk in the area to check out the food choices we have and in the end we ended up in a Swedish restaurant called FIKA Swedish Cafe and Bistro. It's located in one of the shophouse and we were seated on the 2nd level. The decor in this cafe was nice and cosy. They even had a couch area on the 2nd level that made you feel so at home. Our dinner here was yummy pasta and pancakes :) You can check out their website for more details on menu and prices.
After dinner, we took a slow walk around the landmark - a mosque before heading back to the car. Gabriel asked for a selfie with me infront of the mosque, guess he must be in a good mood.

On Saturday, hubby brought us to a famous eatery - Kok Sen Coffee Shop located in this building along Keong Siak Street. I'm not a person who will purposely stand in line or go way out to look for good food. but SERIOUSLY, I have never seen a place with so many Best Food Awards! 
I must say that the taste of all the dishes we ordered were good, especially the crispy noodle. Not sure if this was their signature dish. Go check out this Coffee Shop when you are in Chinatown. But be warn that it is crowded, warm and humid here.

After dinner, we took a walk down streets of Chinatown and came to this very traditional egg tart shop call Tong Heng. This is the most delicious egg tart I have been eating since young. I still remember visiting Chinatown with grandma and she will always bring us to this shop. Was missing my grandma so much while waiting for a fresh batch of egg tarts to be served.


So that's all for Week 15! Thanks for popping by! :)

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