Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 - Week 10

This week, the haze is back again due to the forest fire in Indonesia. It's time to take out the air cleaner and N95 masks!

This picture is taken from our balcony. On a normal day we could see all the way to Marina Bay Sands. It's now blocked out by the haze.

So when you can't go out to play, these 2 cheeky ones came up with an idea to have a indoor picnic! Thought it was very innovative. Check out the heart shape cups. Look so cute when they are toasting to a great picnic :)

Another noteworthy moment this week, Gabriel had his first tooth extraction. We were not able to get him to fiddle with his loose teeth so that they can drop out in time for the new ones. Thus, Dr Dustin advise to extract it or risk obstructing the growth of his new teeth.

Dr Dustin is so gentle with him that he felt no fear or pain. It was a easy peasy job. Look how comfy he is, flipping through a National Geograhic magazine after he had his 2 bottom teeth extracted. 

Thank you Dr Dustin!

On Sunday, he attended a birthday party in Kallang Ice Skating Rink. It's our very first visit to a skating rink and he was so cool.... Multiple falls, getting wet and cold did not stop him from attempting to skate. He got on much quicker than I thought. 

I had a good time hibernating in the Ice Skating Rink too since the weather outside was baking hot! We really do need some rain soon :(

 So before I end this post...2 things that amazes me this week...

Amazing fact #1: Gabriel created this from his Lego Ninjago and Hero Factory set. I'm impressed by his creativity....maybe my genes?? hahaha

Amazing fact #2:  The contrast of his shoes on Monday and Friday. I have no idea what he does in school to get them so dirty!

Hope your week was not dampen by the haze and thanks for popping by.

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