Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Day in Forest Adventure

Time for another posting.....sigh....meaning it's Sunday - it's back to work tomorrow. Lucky thing Tuesday is a public holiday so we have a short week. Yea! :) For those who have taken the Monday off as well; Happy Super Long Weekend *wink wink*

For the past few days, I had to look into Gabriel's enrichment classes and also the sports courses that he is taking since he will be starting primary one next year and will be attending the afternoon session. A few questions I have on my mind but the 2 pressing ones are:

1) Should we let him continue his tennis lessons?
2) Which Chinese enrichement school he should go to? He will be going to Tao Nan School which he will have to take on higher chinese so we will need to ensure he's going for the right one. Currently, he's going Tien Hsia but I had people telling me that they do not really follow MOE's curriculum.

Enough of these boring stuffs. Let's talk about's was our first trip to Forest Adventure in Bedok Reservoir. We were attending a birthday party...yes indeed party ideas are getting so diversified now. Can you imagine how many brain cells mummies out there have been squeezed dried just to come up with a creative party??? Amazing what parents do for their kids and yes we are guilty of that too!

If you have not been to Forest Adventure, it is actually a place with tree top course.....challenging the kids physically and emotionally. As it was Gabriel's first attempt, I was all dressed up and prepared to accompany him on the course. But Gabriel was simply AWESOME. Not a hint of doubt and fear. His courage and bravery seize the day! He just went through the course all by himself not once but TWICE! He even teased his friends who were going too slow (which he got a ticking from me for being mean to his friend).

"All ready to rock the course"

"Briefing time! Listen carefully kids"

"Start of the exciting course"

"Ready Get Set Go"

"Going steady at the start"

"First landing and performing out of my expectation"

"On we go to the swinging platform"

"Be careful not to let your feet fall through"

"This is easy peasy"

"Mum, I tired and thirsty. How long more?"

"He's getting all the confidence and is going too fast and close to his friend"

"Check out his thigh muscle"

"Woohoo mum this is so cool!"

"Last course - The Flying Fox"

"The end"

I'm looking forward to make a mini scrap album of his adventure today. I'm sure when he look back, it will be priceless :)

If you have not tried it, bring your kids there. I think it's a great outdoor experience for the kids. 

That's all for today folks. Tata!

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