Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kids are always the happiest during Christmas because they always look forward to presents!!

Check out all the presents around the mini Christmas tree. 3/4 of the presents belongs to Gabriel....what a lucky boy :)

First off, let's open the present from mum and dad.....such a big box. It must be my Lego Ninjago :)

Yeah! I guessed it right!

Take a look at all his presents! He's so blessed to receive so much love. Now that he has opened all his presents, let's see how long these presents can keep him occupied.

For good present is enough to make me a very happy mummy....when I woke up on Christmas Day and saw a big box from hubby to me...I was thinking...something for scrapping??? My present is a million times better than that! He gave me a touch screen laptop. Best present ever :)

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