Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday was a blast at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The outing was organised by Pat's Schoolhouse as a Family Day Picnic.
The kids had fun feeding tortoise and fishes by the stage. We saw quite a few giant catfish in the pond! They must be very well fed.
A trip into the rainforest lead by a guide was quite educational. I learnt something about the rain forest as well. 
Great trip on a scorching Friday morning!
These are my best pals!

And these are my classmates and teacher. Sad that some of my classmates did not make it to this outing.

We found lots of fishes, giant tortoise and cat fish. Luckily Jake's mum brought some bread for the kids to feed the tortoise and fishes.

There were also time for some football. Look the girls going for the ball while the boys are already tired out. Way to go girls!

A guide brought us through the rain forest and it was indeed an educational trip. Even the adults learnt something about the forest.

Before we head for lunch. Some football time with daddy!

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