Thursday, November 5, 2009

Went to the beach for picnic last Sunday, Gabriel had lots of fun with sand and water play. We shall do it again soon.

Thank you Uncle Johnson for taking so many nice pictures.

Ants crawling crawling

Let's watch sunset together like my daddy and mummy when we went Bali.

Yummy sandwich. Must eat more than I will have energy to play sand and go into the water.

Mummy I think I need to pee. Oops forgot I'm wearing a diaper. Silly me.

Gabriel: Look Look big big plane coming!

Matilda: Mummy, why is he getting so excited over an aeroplane?

My cousin Mathilda, her shoes is also spoil like many holes. Poor us.

Look look, so many bubbles. Yee yee, when I say jump all jump together ok? Let's see if we can stamp all the bubbles out.

Look Look big big wave!!

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