Sunday, June 28, 2009

During the last 2 months, Gabriel has changed his interest. He's not so into Thomas train now.

His favourite activity now is to go to the zoo. As for favourite would never have's dinosaurs!! Daddy bought him a DVD cartoon on dinosaurs and that sparks off his interest. Eversince then, it's all dinosaurs around him....dinosaurs T-shirts, toys and even bedsheets.

With his latest change, we bought him a whole lot of figurines. I think he has enough dinosaurs and animals figurines to create his very own Jurrasic Park and Zoo.

Talking about Jurrasic Park, he actually sat down and watch 3/4 of the movie. This I thought is an amazing feat for a 2 year old to concentrate for such long extend.

He can recognise and name 3 dinosaurs now. They are T-Rex, Stegosauraus and Brachiosaraus.

As for animals, he can pretty much name most of them even the difficult ones like Rhinocerous. He has moved one step and is learning all the unique features of the animals, for example, he can say Giraffe has long neck and elephant has long trunk.

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