Friday, February 6, 2009

When Gabriel joined the child care in Dec 08, he was the youngest in class. Since all of them (except Gabriel) have been promoted to playgroup this year.

He is now the oldest in his Toddler's class, teacher has been updating us that he likes to push his friends especially if they get cranky or start to cry. I think it's because we play the "all fall down" game at home. He likes to push us down and then try and pull us up again. We have stopped playing this game ever since teacher feedback about him pushing other kids.

Teacher also mentioned that he does not listen to his Mandarin teacher and never sits still in Mandarin class. For English session, they have no problem at all. He will sit still and take instructions very well.

Anyway, I think school has helped to discipline him better. Even during his weekend enrichment class, the teacher was telling me she can see he is now able to sit through the class as compare to last time when he will go jumping around disturbing other kids.

So school is good for him.

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