Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's less than 2 weeks that Gabriel started going to childcare. I'm happy to say that he has adapted to school very well.

Nowadays, he cries only in the morning when I drop him at school and leaves for work. In the evenings, he's being brought home by the nanny. We are really lucky or Gabriel is really lucky to have nanny and uncle love him so much to go the extra mile for us.

As for food wise, I was worrying that he will lose weight, like most kids they will not eat well initially when they start school. But surprisingly, Gabriel is eating well, in fact teacher wrote in the communication book that he ate a big bowl of rice for lunch today.

The teacher also reported that he prefers to mingle with older kids and will run over to the older class when he gets the chance. He probably thinks he's a big boy now..ha..ha..ha..

Anyway, since attending child care, I think he's picking up words faster. His favourite word now is "no". For example, this morning, he pooped and when I told him to wash his bum bum....he keep saying no but still follow me to the bathroom.

It's getting late...pass midnight already....before I sign off....below is a very cute bag which we bought for him as Christmas present. He can start using in Jan for school.

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